Thursday, June 28, 2007


(Above: Sketches of the new and improved design)

Right now as you are reading this post my new tallbike is being built. I searched for a local framebuilder in Minneapolis and after a couple of days and a few phone calls I met Joel Greenblatt that runs Clockwork Bikes. I explained to him my past projects and my vision for a much lighter tallbike. We met over at the Scallywags Shop and sketched some designs out and set a date in August for completion. I talked with Tom Ritchey and explained the project and he tossed me some of his Break-Away couplers. I am very excited about this bike and can't wait to finally ride it in August. The plan with this one is to carry on with the fully collapsible theme but this time around the bottom frame will be able to be ridden as a normal road/cross bike and then i can choose to add the top frame without much assembly. Joel does a good job of documentation so I am anticipating a lot of production photos in the coming weeks so stay tuned it'll be here before you know it.

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