Monday, June 25, 2007

Sao Paulo, Brazil 2002

This was my first collapsible tallbike that i ever built. No freaking brakes and crappy welds. I made it down there with it and the locals strongly urged to not ride bikes in Sao Paulo traffic much less a tallbike. I heard from someone that on average there are 15 traffic related fatalities in Sao Paulo on any given day. I figured that since i brought it down there that i was going to ride it. Looking back at my photos I remembered distinctly that the front wheel was so out of true it wasn't even funny. The front tire rubbed both the insides of the forks and people referred to the bike as a clown bike. It was a very humble beginning to say the least. I rode that thing all over the city and i didn't have any problems with the traffic and i found myself propped up to the city buses at red lights staring in at the passengers. It really got me thinking how i could make a better bike that was lighter and faster. I met this guy Tiago that took a liking to the bike so i decided to give it to him before i left. I recently talked with him and he still has it and rides it occasionally when he's sad.

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